Sustainability is at the core of Arcole’s activity.

Founded in 2021 by a seasoned investment team well-known for its commitment and the quality of its operational support, the purpose of Arcole is based on following principles:

we are fighting for companies to maintain jobs in France thanks to a restored financial balance and the resumption of a stable and solid development;

we are fighting for companies to be managed over the long term: whether we remain shareholders or not, operational choices are made in consideration of the company’s primary interest, taking into account its social and environmental foundations;

we are fighting for redeployment projects to attract the widest possible support because a successful transformation is a collective adventure.

The Charter of Commitments: as a member of the “Association des Investisseurs en Retournement”, Arcole has adopted its Charter.

Our ESG commitment is carried out at the level of both the management company and the portfolio companies. Our ESG commitment is pragmatic and results-oriented.

Our monitoring committee is responsible for:
  • setting annual targets;
  • annually reviewing the achievement of these objectives;
  • supporting each company in the process, in particular by sharing best practices.